Our flowers produced in Mid south and North east China. The flowers in our country are export to 97 countries in the world, mainly export to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Burma for Asian countries. Holland, Germany, Italy and Belgium for Europe countries. USA and Canada for America area. Our countries flowers are also start to export to South America and Africa.

Our flowers are used widely as wedding favors in HK and Taiwan actresses wedding or baby’s birth celebrities.

Asia Actress

ah Wedding (Angelababy)


Chinese actress, singer, and model Angela Yeung—best known by her stage name, “Angelababy”— wed actor Huang Xiaoming in an extravagant ceremony that cost a staggering $31 million (rivaling Kate and William’s $34 million royal nuptials).

Our products becoming more and more popular since this wedding.

Tavia Yeung Wedding

Tavia Yeung is a Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong‘s TVB. In her wedding, many people have described the star-studded wedding ceremony even grander than the TVB award ceremony itself.

The preserved flower and zirconium in the wedding favor we designed for them stands for their eternal love.

Ady Wedding


Time machine is Ady an’s wedding theme, Luxor Flora’s wedding favors are burgundy red and vintage black, same as Ady’s wedding decoration color, which is one of the important part to consist of this grand wedding.

Export to South East Asia